2021 Race Recap

2021 Race Recap

Over 500 racers descended on Crockett for this year's events

Racers came from all corners of the United States to compete in the 5th annual Davy Crockett Classic. With events being on hold in many places across the county, people were eager to get out and race, drawing a very diverse and competitive field of riders. The ice storm in February forced us to move the event back to April, which was a blessing, the whether ended up being amazing all weekend! We appreciate everyone that attended this year and especially our staff and volunteers that worked tirelessley to produce the event. We are looking forward to 2022, and will release more details in the coming months. 

2021 Numbers


Unique Participants


States Represented

26.6 mph

Average speed of Pro winner Colby Simmons (Lux/Sideshow) over 156 miles


Total miles raced by all finishers


Staff & Support Vehicles Required for the stage race


Hours worked by organizer, staff, law enforcement, medics, volunteers involved to produce the event. This is probably on the low side...


Gallons of fuel used by organizer to get to and from the race