Race Details


Race Details

Time Trial

Saturday April 23rd 

7:30AM – 11:00AM 

Latexo High School, Latexo, TX


Start Times by Category

Race CategoryStage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Men's Pro 1/2~9:406:00 PM8:00 AM
Men's Category 2/3~9:30 AM6:00 PM8:00 AM
Men's Category 3/4~9:00 AM3:30 PM8:05 AM
Men's Category 4/5~8:45 AM4:15 PM12:40 PM
Masters 35+ Category 4/5~7:45  AM12:35 PM12:30 PM
Masters 40+~8:15 AM1:50 PM8:10 AM
Masters 50+~8:05 AM2:40 PM8:15 AM
Masters 60+~8:00 AM1:10 PM12:35 PM
Masters 70+~8:00 AM1:10 PM12:35 PM
Women's Pro Category 1/2~10:00 AM4:50 PM8:18 AM
Women's Category 3~10:00 AM4:55 PM8:20 AM
Women's Category 4/57:30 AM12:30 PM12:40 PM
Onsite Mechanical Support

Bicycle ER will be onsite throughout the weekend to address any mechanical needs. They will be equipped with basic repair parts and will also have nutrition and other items for sale each day.

Call/Text Taylor to schedule a pre-race check or bike wash/lube – 432-889-5847

Time Trial Details

The time trial is an out and back course on FM2663 in Latexo. It is the same course that was used in 2021 and measures out to 7.5 miles. It is primarily flat.

Start Times – will be posted Friday 4/22 after registration closes

Merckx Advantage – participants may choose to use full ‘aero’ gear for the TT OR go ‘Merckx’ and receive a 30 second time bonus. In order to qualify to be Merckx, you must be using rims that are 60mm or less in depth, no aero helmets, no aero extensions or handlebars. You must notify the starting officials before starting, otherwise you will not receive the bonus. IF you do not tell us before starting, you will not receive the bonus, we will not retroactively add your 30 second bonus in this year. 

View Start List – 5pm Friday

Criterium Details

Start Times & Categories  have been updated 4/11/22, please check start times.

Cantu Cycling Wheels Pit – the wheel pit will have a limited number of wheel options available. If your bike uses something specific, please bring your own wheels to the pit.

Call ups – Certain riders will be called up to start in the front row. -Top 3 in GC -Current National Champions – Teams participating in the Texas Triple Crown series


Road Race Details

Updated Course, Start Times & Categories  updated 4/11/22, please check start times.

Support/Wheels – each field has a support vehicle following the race. It is wheels-in-wheels-out, neutral wheels are not provided. Please label your wheels and seatbags and place them in the appropriate area (near registration) before your start. 

Feed Zone Discard Area – new for this year we have added a separate bottle/trash discard zone before the feed zone. 

Feed Zone – located right near registration, riders can feed every lap if desired. Feeding from moving vehicles is prohibited at this event. 

Yellow Line Rule – outside of the final 200m, the road races have a yellow line rule, meaning riders must stay to the right side of the yellow line on this course. Crossing over or advancing across the yellow will not only get you relegated, but could result in serious bodily injury to yourself and others. 

Lap Counts:

  • Pro 1/2 & 2/3 – 5 laps
  • Cat 3/4, Masters 40+,50+,Womens 1/2/3 – 4 laps
  • Cat 4/5, Masters 35+, 60+,70+ – 3 laps
  • Women’s 4/5 – 2 laps

Know the course – while we have support vehicles, route markings and law enforcement, it is the racers responsibility to know the course and laps. 

Out-of-Contention/Dropped – if you are dropped and behind the race support vehicles you are required to yield to traffic and police may not block cars for you at the turns. Please use caution and dont blast through the stop signs. the sheriff’s deputies look for the support cars, so if you are outside of them, they probably wont stop cars for you. 


Awards & Leaders Jerseys

Medals/Awards – 1st, 2nd and 3rd from each category will receive a medal from each stage and for the overall GC. 

Prize Money – for the P1/2 mens and women’s only, it is $1500 5 deep for each. Must be present at final podium to receive payouts. 

CCN Leader’s Jerseys – race leaders in each category will receive a yellow jersey and special yellow bib numbers starting with the criterium. Races with multiple categories (ie: Cat 2/3, Women’s cat 3, Masters 70+) will receive a pink jersey to differentiate between the two leaders. 

Prizes/Primes – merch, steaks, cash and more will be given out in the criterium along with points towards the Texas Triple Crown series. 

Timing, Numbers & Scoring

Timing Chips – RaceResult timing transponders are required for all three stages of this event. The chip is to be zip tied to the fork of the bike. Please do not forget to transfer them from your TT bikes to your road bikes before the criterium. No chip = no result

Chip Rental – if you are renting a chip for the weekend, you must leave a photo ID or valid credit card as collateral until the chip is returned. If you forget to return it, you have a two week grace period. If not returned within two weeks, your card will be charged $125 for its replacement. 

Bib Number Placement – each rider is issued two bib numbers. 

Time Trial – center/right

Criterium – center/left

Road Race – center/right

Race Format – it is considered a time-based omnium format, which allows riders to continue the event without starting/finish each stage. To be ranked in the GC, a rider must complete all three events. A DNF in one stage is a DNF for the overall.

Time bonuses – Time bonuses five deep for the finishers across the line, 1st – 5sec, 2nd – 4sec, 3rd – 3sec, 4th -2sec, 5th -1sec

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